Bulldog Media Group celebrates its 20th anniversary.

During the last two decades, the Bulldog Media Group (BMG) has been a leading performance marketing company that specializes in online customer acquisition for clients in the financial services industry. Since 2000, BMG has been at the forefront focusing on digital marketing that takes on an innovative yet strategic approach that routinely delivers solutions tailored to the client’s needs. Bulldog Media Group currently employs over 30 people, with the majority being at the Madison, SD headquarters.

Commenting on the anniversary, BMG’s President Darin Namken said: “Over the last 20 years, BMG and the people involved have worked hard to develop and maintain trust and integrity in everything we do. This business continues to find new ways to enhance client performances through our greatest asset - our employees.”

BMG is pleased to announce the following promotions effective immediately of three critical long-term team members who embrace the culture of teamwork that drives BMG’s success.

Scott Delzer promoted to VP of Product and Services for the CreditSoup division. Scott joined Bulldog Media Group in 2000 as a Project Manager Assistant and has since served in several roles including Product Manager, Account Executive to most recently Director of Business Systems and Product Development. Scott will lead and develop our CreditSoup division by applying his unique combination of technical skills, management experience and design expertise.

Camelyn Sims promoted to VP of Affiliate Network & Compliance for the CommissionSoup division. Camelyn joined BMG in 2001 as an E-Commerce Assistant. Her experience and active roles included positions of a Business Account Executive, Quality Control Manager, Operations Manager to most recently Director of Affiliate Network and Compliance. Camelyn will take on the prominent role providing guidance, compliance and sales responsibility for the CommissionSoup division.

Joel Molascon promoted to VP of Web Development. Joel started 20 years ago as one of BMG’s first Programmers from DSU. Since that time his roles grew from a programmer to most recently Web Production Manager. He brings a wide range of experience, technical expertise and insight due to his extensive work across multiple functions. Joel will be responsible for the management of our front and back end properties – aligning web development efforts with the BMG vision.

These promotions are part of an overall corporate structure that will take our company to the next level of growth. “Scott, Camelyn and Joel have been a key part of our company and we are thrilled to promote them to these positions” said Darin Namken, President.

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