Bulldog Media Group, Inc. and its CommissionSoup division are looking forward to attending Affiliate Summit East at the Marriott Marquis in New York from July 31st to August 2nd. CommissionSoup will be hosting Meet Market table #907 from 12pm to 6pm on Sunday, July 31st and meeting with clients and partners on Monday and Tuesday at their Meeting Room.

During their 16 years in the industry, Bulldog Media Group has seen steady growth with their CommissionSoup affiliate network as they've provided trusted and experienced marketing solutions to many financial partners. This year's growth has been fueled by those developed partnerships, as well as the recent re-launch of their CreditSoup.com site and additional product offerings.

CreditSoup.com has evolved over the years and recently went thru a major design update, as well as the addition of new features and functionality. New sections were added to CreditSoup.com to benefit consumers by providing them with their free credit score and information about their score, as well as a credit card matching section that can assist consumers in finding them the right credit card options.

In addition to the free services and added benefits these features provide for consumers, these updates allow programs to have better placement with targeted consumers. As the marketing efforts for CreditSoup.com take off, more consumers will find they have more information available to them to make informed choices and merchants will have engaged and targeted visitors to their programs.

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