As a new year approaches, Bulldog Media Group, Inc. and its employees reviewed 13 highlights of 2013.

  • Recognized some outstanding employees for their dedication and years of service to Bulldog Media Group, Inc. Lucas Muller celebrated ten years with the company, while Katherine Gunderson and Tyler Hansen celebrated their five year anniversaries!

  • Received recognition as one of the top ten Affiliate Marketing Services for 2013 by for CommissionSoup.

  • Traveled to many great conferences and visited with many of our clients at shows across the United States including New York, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Omaha, San Francisco, Sioux Falls, & New Orleans.

  • Completed a floor-to-ceiling and exterior renovation of our corporate offices.

  • Hosted some of our wonderful partners at our annual Bulldog Media Group, Inc. Invitational Pheasant Hunt.

  • Enjoyed the growth and accomplishments of our 13th successful year in online marketing and working with many wonderful partners and staff.

  • Gave back to our community by donating to the Angel Tree in sponsoring local children, volunteering at the local high school during their renovation, participating in Miracle Treat Day and giving to the Children's Miracle Network, and donating funds to the renovation at the local baseball diamond.

  • Continued our long-term relationships with many of our partners and worked exclusively with some of them marketing their programs.

  • Welcomed new employees Lexi Bohlander and Ian Mackenzie!

  • Partnered with Dakota State University to host, provide tours, and present to various classes and students.

  • Continued making revisions and enhancements to our original founding website,

  • Made additional upgrades to our technology, both software and hardware, to keep us continually learning, moving forward, and on the cutting-edge.

  • Maintained the importance of continued learning and professional development by providing opportunities for all of our staff throughout the year through conferences, seminars, classes, books, and more.

For Bulldog Media Group, Inc., so many wonderful things happened in its 13th year in business and they are are looking forward to their 14th year in 2014!

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