Our mission at CreditSoup, Inc. is to achieve and maintain a position of unparalleled excellence within the online marketing industry. In order to more accurately reflect our company's broad initiatives in online marketing, we are changing our corporate name to Bulldog Media Group, Inc.

Along with a new name, we have added the new divisions of The RewardsRunner Network™ and Infusion Strategies. The RewardsRunner Network™ has been in research and development for some time and is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2009. The RewardsRunner Network™ will reward customers for every purchase made online through RewardsRunner.com™ or a RewardsRunner Network™ branded site. This online shopping solution connects and builds relationships with customers while creating new revenue sources for its partners.

Infusion Strategies will formally organize the lead generation, data management, and customer acquisition efforts that have been operating under the CommissionSoup umbrella. The addition of key personnel, enhanced technologies, and additional marketing strategies has led these services to experience substantial growth. The new division will allow these opportunities to be available to other partners to provide strategic direction and comprehensive solutions to their marketing efforts.

Camelyn Sims will continue as the General Operations Manager of all the divisions under the Bulldog Media Group umbrella. Long time employee Scott Delzer will head up the Infusion Strategies division. Lisa Robson will lead the direction of CommissionSoup, our successful affiliate marketing division. The RewardsRunner Network™ will be under the supervision of Mike Waldner, who joined the company in 2008 to develop and manage this division.

As research began for a new corporate name, CreditSoup, Inc. looked to its company values and roots for insight. Being a family-oriented company that believes in a solid education and a solid community presence, the name was inspired by the bulldog mascot of the Madison Central School District and ´Media Group´ encompasses the whole media company.

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